Still Can't Find A Bag For Your iBook?

The Italian company, Active, has announced a new line of computer bags geared especially for Appleis brightly colored, oddly shapped consumer portable. The ActiveBag comes in a variety of colors, and is designed to snugly fit the iBook. A more conservative, and traditionally shaped, bag is available for Appleis PowerBook series. According to Active:

Italy based Active, a twenty-year developer and distributor of Apple and Macintosh products, announces its own line of attractive and functional cases for the Apple iBook and Apple PowerBook. The new bags will be sold under the ActiveBag label.

In the tradition of fashion bag designers of northern Italy such as Benetton, Diadora and Lotto, Active combines form and function in its Active iBook bag line and Deluxe Powerbook bags.

The Active iBook Bag line is available in four colors and is made from the finest Italian materials. These light bags weigh less than two pounds and have pockets and compartments for extra cables and accessories. In addition, there is an extra pocket for a mobile phone. The bags are made to be durable and are well padded.

In addition to three matching iBook colors, a dark gray model is also available and compliments the color of Appleis popular PowerBook line. Active also manufactures the Active Deluxe Bag, an eco-leather business case for PowerBook owners.

The ActiveBags are available for US$58.50. You can find more information at the ActiveBag web site.