Still Like Tetris? You'll Love Shapes

Carrot Software has announced development on a new twist of the old classic, Tetris. The new game, called Shapes II, plays in a similar manner to Tetris, but witha new twist and more game play options. According to Carrot Software:

Carrot Software has posted the first screenshots of Shapes II, our upcoming game for the Mac OS. Shapes II is almost a Tetris? clone. But imagine Tetris? on steriods. Lots of steriods.

  • Shapes II allows users to wrap shapes around the left and right sides of the board, or to rotate them off the sides. Or both.
  • Imagine starting a game and having items blocking the playing fields. Say hello to obstructions! And the only way to get rid of iem is to form a line around them.
  • Easy stuff still? Yeah, we thought so too. So, instead of letting you just place those blocks on the ground and having them stay there, weire gonna move them on you. Once it hits the ground it will rotate towards the right hand side. Once they hit the edge they wrap back around to the left.

    Still too easy?

    Of course, for those timid souls, you can turn these options off and play a classic game.

Shapes II is not yet available for download. You can find more information at the Carrot Software web site.