Stock Charting App Updated

Magic Potion Software has released an update for Magic Charts, bringing it to version 2.6. Magic Charts is a stock market charting utiltiy designed to chart the european and US market simutaneously. The update includes ewnhancements such as portfolio history and extended module support. According to Magic Potion Software:

We are pleased to announce version 2.6 of the Magic Charts!

Magic Charts is an easy to use Point and Figure tool to follow the US and European stockmarkets. Magic Charts features a build in portfolio, and several powerful functions to select the strongest stocks.

New in this version:

We added history in the portfolios. This history will be updated every time the portfolio gets updated, so you keep track about the progress in your portfolios.

We added the Magic Charts sample portfolio, the portfolio, will be updated every day, so you are able to follow exactly what we are doing with the sample portfolio.

We have added support for more modules, so we have taken the opportunity to release an module for the US mutual funds, ETFs and iShares. We start with about 300 charts containing the Fidelity funds, Profunds, Rydex funds, ETFs and iShares.

You can find more information about the Magic Charts update at the Magic Potion Software Web site. Magic Charts 2.6 is available starting at US$49.00.