Stone Design Updates Create, PhotoToWeb

Stone Design has released updates today for Crete and PhotoToWeb. Create, now at version 12.2.1, is the companyis Mac OS X native drawing suite, while PhotoToWeb, version 2.2, is the companyis Web photo album creation tool. Both updates include many new features, and the Create update includes a handful of fixes. From Stone Design:

Create 12.2.1 2004-10-04

  • <TAB> key hides/shows all the panels currently visible or recently hid
  • You can convert graphics to grayscale using Image Wellis TIFF, copy/paste to other applications reading TIFF, export as TIFF
    Discussion: Set the "Color Depth" to "Gray" in Preferences, Image pane, "TIFF Settings"
  • Page Numbers can begin on a logical page as opposed to actual page:
    eg: letis say you have a non-numbered Cover page - then page 2 can display page 1
    eg: letis say you are doing chapters - you can start the page number at an arbitrary number
  • Changing Image Quality in Preferences, Image updates the image immediately
    This can really speed up PDF display if you set Quality to low - especially if the PDFis are large and/or you are zooming in on the page
  • Named graphics display their name in the selection status field - text display itis first characters
  • hidden default to allow long HTML and IMAGE names (up to 64 characters total)
    Note - old mac os 8 web servers have a 31 character limit
  • default write com.stone.Create LongNames YES


  • Due to the way Panther strokes rectangles, old documentis rectangles will open to avoid the bitten out upper left corner
  • Optimized copy to make it much faster
  • Found and removed memory leaks
  • French tool palette works now
  • Italian localization improved
  • Preferences are mostly localized to each of the 8 languages
    (please submit updates to [email protected]!)
  • Images dragged in from Omniweb are not duplicated

PhotoToWeb 2.2

  • New polished look with Customizable Tool Bars
  • You can save Photos in Grayscale if you choose
  • Greatly simplified Web Options/Preferences with more options:
    You can set up a documentis options and save/restore preferences from there - only one UI, one place to go
  • More exposed options:
    • Set a default font family for your albums
    • Font sizes for Caption, Title, Headlines, Nav Bar, and Thumbnails
    • Control relative size of rich Story text
    • Choose to smooth thumbnails
    • Align thumbnail text to top, center or bottom
    • Scratch folder for temporary files
    • Check for updates daily, weekly or monthly
    • Save a backup file
    • Optionally add Type/Creator to the image and html files
    • Use up to 64 characters in photo names
    • Author Tag
    • Choose whether Home links to first photo or TOC
  • Revert to Saved works properly again
  • Easier than ever to use - even for first time users! 2004-10-04

You can find more information on Create at the companyis Web site. The suite is priced at US$149, and the update is free to registered users. PhotoToWeb also has its own Web page, and that product is priced at US$69, and the update is free.