Stone Design Updates PStill And Create

Stone Design has released updates for PStill and Create, bringing them versions 2.7 and 11.1 respectively. PStill is a utility designed for converting images to the PDF format. Create is a layout utility designed foir Web authoring. The updates add several new features including drop shadow support in Create and large poster printing PStill. According to Stone Design:

Stone Design, the oldest and original Mac OS X software house, today announced immediate availability of new versions of Create(R) - the three in one illustration, page layout and Web authoring application - and PStill(tm) - the complete distillery which converts PS to PDF, combines files, shrinks PDF and much more.

This release features Create(R) 11.1, Stone Designis drawing, page layout, and Web page authoring application. V 11.1 features full support for fuzzy drop shadows on any text, image or graphic, with the ability to finely control focus, blur, shadow darkness, offset and angle. Learn more about drop shadows!

PStill(tm), which converts PostScript files to Portable Document Format (PDF) files, has added the ability to produce PDF/X as well as automatic PDF workflow direct from any applicationis print panel! There is full support for creating large tiled posters, manage preference sets, and merge multiple PostScript and PDF files into one PDF document.

You can find more information about PStill and Create update at the Stone Design Web site. The updates are free for registered users, while the full version f PSTill is available for US$69.00, and Create is available for US$149.00.