Stone Design Updates PStill With New Engine And More

Stone Design has released an update for PStill, bringing it to version 2.8. PStill is a utility designed for converting images to the PDF format. The update features the PStill engine version 1.7 and RGB to CMYK conversion. According to Stone Design:

Stone Design today shipped a new version of PStill(tm), its user friendly PostScript to Portable Document Format (PDF) conversion program that does much, much more.

PStill provides automated PDF Workflow, and can repurpose and shrink printed output from every Mac OS X 10.2.4 application. PStill’s watched folders can have custom preference sets to repurpose the PDF for specific purposes. PStill now contains 4 instant sets: Factory standard, Publish to Web, Text as Outlines and Prepress. PStill is server based and you can make the watched folders available on the network.

This version features:

  • Latest PStill Engine V 1.7 with performance and stability improvements
  • Overprinting can be "pre-flighted" with new overprint transparency switch
  • RGB images can be force converted to CMYK as a new option
  • You can now set the frequency of checking the Watched (Hot) Folders

You can find more information about PStill update at the Stone Design Web site. PStill 2.8 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$69.00.