Stone Table Releases OS X Versions Of Two Editing Tools

Stone Table Software is releasing beta versions of RTF-to-Styled Text and Cobweb for Mac OS X. RTF-to-Styled Text is a conversion tool for working with RTF text. Cobweb is an HTML editing tool. From Stone Table Software:

Stone Table Software is releasing public betas of Mac OS X versions of two of their freeware products, RTF-to-Styled Text and Cobweb. RTF-to-Styled Text is an open source program that converts Rich Text Format documents into standard Macintosh Styled Text format supported by many text editors and word processors such as Stone Table Softwareis Z-Write. Cobweb is a simple, non-WYSIWYG HTML editor. It is designed to work as a companion to Z-Write, but may be used by anyone needing to work with HTML. Its features include syntax coloring, context-sensitive tag insertion, an elegant design, and of course, itis free!

You can find more information and download links for both products at the companyis Web site.