Stop Holding Your Breath! The XL2 To Ship In August From Canon

Canon USA has announced the release of the Canon XL2 for videographers and filmmakers. The XL2 is a 3CCD chip camera that first made waves across the industry around 6 years ago, and since then has positioned itself as the leading solution for prosumer videographers. The latest camera boasts a ton of new features usually found on higher end camera systems including complete image control with Master Pedestal and RGB controls. One of the biggest new features is the support for variable frame rates including 24P and the integration of XLR audio inputs directly on the camera body. According to Canon:

The Canon XL2 allows you to capture images closer to the finished product than ever before. Work that previously was limited to post-production can be simply and effectively accomplished in the field, in the camcorder.

An Open Architecture philosophy, performance found only in much more expensive video cameras, Total Image Control and the solid foundation of Genuine Canon Optics, interchangeable lens capability and superb Canon image processing quality are united in the XL2.

The XL2 brings a host of performance and convenience features to this class of video camcorder- benefits that canit be found in this combination on other high-end video cameras. They include: Canon Super Range Optical Image Stabilization in the standard lens; dual aspect ratios; various frame rate capabilities; image gamma and detail controls; skin detail control and convertible LCD display and among others.

Unprecedented image control coordination between two XL2 cameras, remote computer camera control and direct video recording to computer are just a part of the capabilities of the XL2. Never before has so much creative power been put in the hands of the film maker, video artist, and corporate and event videographer.

XL2 Features:

  • 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio shooting formats
  • Variable frame rates
  • Customizable Cine Look
  • Total Image Control
  • XL Mount Interchangeable Lens System
  • Flourite Zoom Lens with Optical Image Stabilization
  • SMPTE time code
  • Custom Presets
  • Professional Audio Connections
  • New Standard Lens

You can find more information about the XL2 at the Canon USA Web site. The MSRP is US$4,999.00, units are expected to start shipping in August.