Stop Wondering What It's Like Outside

Glucose is now shipping WeatherPop for Mac users. WeatherPop is an automatic weather reminder designed to refresh current weather conditions directly to a useris menu bar. The app searches designated zip code weather conditions and retrieves the info every fifteen minutes. According to Glucose:

Glucose today unveiled WeatherPop, a elegant and fun freeware tool for Mac OS X users.

WeatherPop displays, in the menu bar, the current weather conditions for virtually any city or town in the world. Just enter the zip code or name of the city and WeatherPop will go out on the Web and retrieve new information every 15 minutes.

We hope that getting a glimpse of the weather outside will help our users break free of the drudgery of staring into the computer screen all day, causing them to venture out and enjoy Spring.

You can find more information about the WeatherPop release at the Glucose Web site. WeatherPop is available as freeware.