StreamboxACTION Video Compressor Released

Streambox, Inc. has released a new app for Mac users, StreamboxACTION. StreamboxACTION is a video compression app designed to convert raw video into compatible QuickTime formats. The app ships with support for AVI, DV, and QuickTime codecs, as well as filters and other features. According to Streambox:

Streambox Inc. released today Streambox ACTION, a video compression application that provides hassle-free compression of video into QuickTime format. Streambox ACTION, which comes bundled with Streambox ACT-L2 Codec, also supports all QuickTime Codecs.

Streambox ACTION supports AVI, DV, and QuickTime input files. File merging and efficient video compression are two features that are going to make it especially popular with the video compression community. De-interlacing, re-sizing, and a variety of filters have been implemented in this first release.

You can find more information about the StreamboxACTION release at the Streambox, Inc. Web site. StreamboxACTION is available for US$199.00.