StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 Now Includes Receipt Technology

Aladdin Systems has announced that with the debut of StuffIt Deluxe 6.0, they have broken a new technology barrier. StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 integrates the new ReturnReceipt technology that empowers users to know when an e-mail recipient uncompresses an attached archived file. According to Aladdin Systems:

"In business today, how many times do we ask, idid you get my e-mail with the attachment?i - especially when the attachment is a critical presentation or other important compressed document," said Peter Thomas, StuffIt product manager. "With ReturnReceipt technology integrated into StuffIt Deluxe 6.0, users can relax knowing that their compressed files have been successfully opened."

Supporting the Mac OS X public beta, StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 includes a bevy of features, including ReturnReceipt technology, that clearly positions the application as the most advanced compression utility ever launched by Aladdin Systems. Additionally, StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 includes another new feature, ArchiveSearch. Now within a StuffIt compressed archive, users can easily search and find individually compressed files by name, date, kind, and size and much more.

StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 Key Features and Benefits

  • ReturnReceipt Technology - Allows users to send StuffIt archives with an option to ask for verification upon receipt and expansion of sent archives
  • ArchiveSearch - This new feature quickly enables users to search and find items WITHIN StuffIt archives
  • Maximum Compatibility - StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 is a perfect complement to the Mac OS X public beta, as well as supports Mac OS 8.1 and higher
  • More Expansion Options - Now users can expand popular .RAR files
  • More Power to Create - With StuffIt Deluxe 6.0, users can create .lha files
  • Automatic Update Options - New version and update notification option tells users when updates are available after they connect to the Web
  • Greater Performance - StuffIt Expander supports more file types than ever before with improved file classifier technology
  • Instant Information - Smart context menu feature is context-sensitive and actively displays info in the menu for the items clicked on and allows for menu customization
  • Boosted Reliability - Recovery feature for damaged archives through Verify menu item.

Other features

  • Ability to create self-extracting archives for Windows (.exe) from your Mac
  • StuffItCM provides easy access to StuffIt archive contents via the Macintosh Contextual Menu, allowing more ways to retrieve specific items within a compressed archive
  • Create StuffIt or Zip files to send to Windows users -users can choose to create a Zip archive or use the superior StuffIt compression
  • Magic Tools -"Get More Info" on files, "Copy or Move" files to any location with a single command, "Make Aliases" of files in any location, or "Gather" a group of selected files into one folder
  • DropConverter updates old StuffIt archives to the latest format
  • Creates multiple format options, including popular Windows formats, such as .uu and .zip files with Archive Via Rename(tm), exclusive to StuffIt Deluxe. By simply adding or removing the UUencode (.uu) or Zip (.zip) suffix, those files will encode, compress or expand
  • Symantec DiskDoubler (.dd) translation now supported by the StuffIt Engine
  • Create and expand Bzip (.bzip) files (common to the Unix platform)
  • Secure Delete allows users to permanently and completely remove sensitive information by securely deleting it from their disk(s)

StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 is available now for US$79.95 and registered users of any StuffIt product can upgrade for $29.95. You can find more information at the Aladdin Systemsi web site.