Stupendous iMovie Plugin Updates Include New Time Counters, Split Screen Effects

Into iMovie? Then youill like this new bit of news: Stupendous Software updated two of its popular iMovie plugins; "SplitScreen & PiP," and "Labels & Overlay." The SplitScreen & PiP plugin can now include side by side clips, and the Labels & Overlay plugin has two new time counter effects. Hereis the scope from Stupendous Software:

Stupendous Software announces the release of new versions of two plugin packs for Apple Computeris iMovie video editing package.

The "SplitScreen & PiP" plugin pack has been updated with a new split screen effect called "Side By Side", which places images from two clips next to each other, shrinking them so that the entire frame is on screen.

The "Labels & Overlays" plugin pack, which contains effect for placing text and markers on an image, now includes two new effects for placing time counters (in seconds and frames) on clips.

These updates are available for free to registered users of the Stupendous Bundle. The Stupendous Bundle, Stupendous Softwareis all-in-one collection of plugin packs, now includes 13 iMovie plugin packs featuring 350 effects and titles ranging from color correction to slow motion.

System Requirements:
iMovie 2.1.1 or above; Mac OS9 or Mac OSX

You can find more information on SplitScreen & PiP and Labels & Overlay at the Stupendous Software Web site. The updates are free to registered owners of the titles. Pricing is set at US$25 for the full version, and the Stupendous Bundle is priced at US$200.