Style Master Updated And Enhanced

Style Master and Style Master Pro, style sheet editors, have been upgraded to include new point and click ease. Style master 1.8 provides style sheet development for CSS 1 and CSSP. Style Master Pro also adds support for CSS2. According to the company:

With Style Master and Style Master Pro developers can:

  • Create and edit sophisticated style sheets with point and click ease,
  • Get up to speed fast with Style Masteris interactive style sheets assistant which explains style sheets and the application when and as you need to know.
  • Target the browsers they want a style sheet to work for, and then have Style Master warn them when properties or selectors may cause problems. Style Masteris knowledgebase of browser support now covers all major releases of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator for both the Macintosh and Windows, including beta releases of Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer 5.5, for both CSS1 and CSS2.
  • Preview style sheets, as they work on them, using any HTML documents, in as many browsers as necessary.
  • Quickly and easily integrate a style sheet with a whole site, either by linking from or embedding in HTML documents.

Style Master features integrated CSS advice to smooth the learning curve for new style sheets developers, and save experienced developers trips to their reference material. Style Master comes with an acclaimed CSS1 and CSS2 guide, completely revised for this version, and a valuable hands-on CSS tutorial.

Style Master 1.8 is available for US$29. Style Master Pro is available for US $49. A 15-day unlimited demo can be downloaded from the web site. You can find more information at Western Civilizationsis Style Masteris web site.