SubRosaSoft Releases MP3Restore 1.0

MP3Restore, an application for restoring accidentally deleted MP3s, has been released by SubRosaSoft. MP3Restore will recover MP3 files deleted from your hard disk or portable MP3 player. From SubRosaSoft: Ltd., a software company based in New Zealand focusing on system utility and privacy software, today announced the immediate availability of MP3Restore version 1.0. MP3Restore is an easy to use application designed to recover music files that have been deleted intentionally or accidentally from your portable MP3 player or your hard disk.

"Although the new generations of MP3 Players are extremely rugged, the contents of your MP3 Player can still be erased accidentally" States Ben Slaney, co-author of MP3Restore. "With MP3Restore, recovering deleted MP3 files is easy and straight forward. Just mount your player to the desktop, select the player/media you want to restore, select a folder to recover the songs to, and click the start button to begin. MP3Restore will then make a copy of the erased MP3 files to your hard disk. There is simply no easier solution on the Macintosh today to recover MP3 files from your player or media."

"As part of our commitment to our global customers and following in the footstep of the recently announced CipherDisk II - MP3Restore is also available in multiple-languages. Shipping now are the German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) versions of MP3Restore. Additional international versions are to follow: including Dutch, Japanese, and Te Reo, New Zealand?s native language." Concluded Marko Kostyrko, co-author of MP3Restore and CEO of SubRosaSoft.

Also announced today is a bundle pack of SubRosaSoft?s Restore range of software. The Restore Bundle includes MP3Restore, FlashRestore for recovering image files from digital camera?s media, and CDRestore for recovering scratched and damaged data CDs/DVDs. The manufactureris suggested retail of the Restore Bundle is $49.90. As with the recently announced software, the Restore Bundle is also available in multiple languages.

MP3Restore works with most brands of MP3 players and drives. (Note a fully functional demo is available to ensure compatibility with your MP3 player or media).

You can find more information at SubRosaSoftis Web site. MP3Restore is available now for US$24.95.