SubRosaSoft Shipping New Mac Based Home Security System

SubRosaSoft, Ltd. is now shipping a new security app called HomeGuardian. HomeGuardian is a tool designed for turning a Mac into a home based motion detection and security system. The app features motion based pictures and secure offsite reporting. According to SubRosaSoft: Ltd., a software company based in New Zealand focusing on system utility and privacy software, today announced the immediate availability of HomeGuardian, a powerful tool that turns a Macintosh computer and a Web camera into a security system by integrating motion detection with extremely flexible reporting.

HomeGuardian turns a Mac with a Webcam into a high tech security system. When HomeGuardian detects any movement, it can sound an audio alert and snap a series of photos then immediately send them via eMail away from the scene to a designated eMail account. Any evidence will be kept secure since itis sent offsite.

HomeGuardian includes powerful features that give you flexibility in monitoring your home/office.

  • Straight-forward and easy setup
  • Turns your webcam into a motion detector
  • On screen alerts and reports
  • Save alerts and reports to your sites folder
  • eMail alerts and reports
  • FTP alerts and reports to your Web server
  • Evidence is immediately sent offsite

You can find more information about the HomeGuardian release at the SubRosaSoft, Ltd Web site. HomeGuardian is available for US$34.95.