SubRosaSoft Shipping New Partition Manager

SubRosaSoft, Ltd. is shipping a new app for Mac users, VolumeWorks. VolumeWorks is a utility designed for hard drive partition management. The app features on-the-fly partitioning and supports popular drive formats including ATA and SCSI. According to SubRosaSoft: Ltd., a software company based in New Zealand focusing on system utility and privacy software, today announced the release of VolumeWorks version 1.0.

VolumeWorks is the first OS X utility that enables a user to resize and manage partitions (volumes) on hard drives without destroying the data on the drive.

Written specifically for Mac OS X, VolumeWorks includes powerful features that give a user greater flexibility and control in setting up and managing drive partitions:

  • Resize Partitions On-the-Fly allows you to modify partitions on your drive without erasing them
  • Comprehensive Interface Support including ATA, SCSI, Firewire, and USB drives
  • Streamlined User Interface allowing most operations to be accomplished in a few clicks
  • Hide Partitions for temporarily putting partitions out of sight for privacy
  • Custom Icons provides a selection of icons for newly created partitions

You can find more information about the VolumeWorks release at the SubRosaSoft, Ltd Web site. VolumeWorks is available for US$49.95.