SubRosaSoft Shipping New Theft Utility

SubRosaSoft, Ltd. is now shipping a new security app called ComputerGuardian. ComputerGuardian is a tool designed for alerting a user if a Mac has been stolen. The app features IP address comparison and automated email alerting. According to SubRosaSoft:, Ltd., a software company based in New Zealand focusing on privacy and system utility software, today announced the immediate availability of ComputerGuardian, a utility that will monitor your computer and attached devices and report its location if the computer is stolen.

Every year over a million computers are stolen. With ComputerGuardian installed on a computer, users will have a better chance of recovering the computer if it happens to fall into the wrong hands. As soon as the computer starts up, ComputerGuardian goes to work and compares the current IP address with the previous IP address. If the IP address has changed, ComputerGuardian will send an email containing the new IP address to a designated e-mail recipient. The information can then be used to locate and recover the Computer.

You can find more information about the ComputerGuardian release at the SubRosaSoft, Ltd Web site. ComputerGuardian is available for US$14.95.