SubRosaSoft Ships DesktopEarth 3D

Software maker Ltd. has announced an update to its popular desktop tools that uses a combination of satellite imagery and calculated data to provide real time views of the entire globe.

DesktopEarth 3D version 3.0 (screen shot below), incorporates a 3D screensaver, a new streamlined user-interface, and better integrated help, he company said.

DesktopEarth 3D features real-time cloud maps, simulated horizons and live pictures of the moon and the sun superimposed on your choice of earth map. It also calculates the sunrise, sunset and current solar elevation for any location you choose. Coupled with a 3D Globe as a screensaver, DesktopEarth 3D can create images and automatically set that image as a desktop picture.

DesktopEarth 3D costs US$14.95