Subscription Music Service Coming To The Mac: Eventually

Pressplay and other subscription music servers say they are coming to the Mac soon. A Reuters News article reports that Pressplay, an online subscription music service owned jointly by Sony and Vivendi Universal, will be available for the Mac sometime this year (2002). This from the article:

Pressplay, a Web music service owned by Sony Corp. and Vivendi Universal on Thursday said it hopes to make its online service available to Apple Computer Macintosh computers sometime this year.

"We are hoping that sometime this year that Pressplay will be available (on Macs), although we canit guarantee," said Andy Schuon, chief executive officer of Pressplay, during a conference call hosted by research firm Jupiter Media Metrix.

The article explains that, currently, all subscription music services are PC only, but that will change.

"The Apple is so consumer-friendly and it makes all the sense in the world to have these services on the Mac," said Karen Allen, an Internet consultant formerly with the Recording Association of America (RIAA). "If Pressplay is being offered through MSN music, MSN music would also get more subscribers if they were offered through the Mac so it would increase the revenue stream."

You can find more information in the full article from Reuters.