SunnComm Worried Over Bogus Report of New Apple DRM Technology

A report of a new version of Appleis FairPlay digital rights management technology (DRM) surfaced on Saturday, November 5. The report claims that SunnComm and Macrovision, developers of competing DRM technologies, teamed up to develop a new version of FairPlay that emits an audible feedback tone when an unauthorized user attempts to play a copy protected song.

The original story from, most likely written as satire, states the the new DRM will emit a tone at 250db, and send a 125-volt charge through computers. For comparison, the space shuttle engines produce sound levels at 215db, and 200db can be fatal to humans.

The story caused SunnComm to issue a press release on Tuesday stating "At this time SunnComm is not involved, in any way, with Macrovision as it relates to development projects or other discussions with Apple Computer."