SuperCard App Helps Store URLs

LittleFish Software has updated their SuperCard based URL storage utility, URL Jig, to version 1.0.6. URL Jig provides a simple tool for storing and managing URLs, providing easy access to any Web address from one simple program. According to LittleFish Software:

URL Jig is a simple project to store and organise URLs, it will accept dragged text from applications, clipping files or web page location files from the Finder. Url Jig requires SuperCard or SuperCard player. SuperCard Player can be downloaded from the incWell Web site, or go to the incWell SuperCard site SuperCard Player is freeware.

URL Jig is freeware if you use the full version of SuperCard. Once you register any Jig you can use the other Shareware Jigs for free.

URL Jig is available for US$5. You can find a detailed list of features, and SuperCard links, at the LittleFish Software Web site.