SuperCard Updated With Panther Support

Solutions Etcetera has released an update for SuperCard, bringing it to version 4.1.2. SuperCard is an app designed for software developers and application creators. The latest update adds Panther support. According to Solutions Etcetera:

Solutions Etcetera announced today the availability of SuperCard 4.1.2.

SuperCard is used by Mac professionals and hobbyists alike to create just about any type of application including games, teaching aides, utilities, personal productivity tools, automation tools, kiosks, and other multimedia rich projects. Now OS X users will be able to experience the power and ease of use that SuperCard has to offer.

Panther is here! And with it, a new look and feel to many Aqua interface components. SuperCard 4.1.2 insures developers can continue to offer the proper look and feel in their SuperCard projects under Appleis newest OS release, as well as previous versions of Mac OS X and Classic environments.

You can find more information about the SuperCard updatee at the Solutions Etcetera Web site. Pricing schemes are available by contacting the Solutions Etcetera sales team.