Super Charge Safari Searches

Google is a fantastic Internet search tool, and Safari makes it easy to use, thanks to its built-in Google search field. If you find Safariis search field just a little bit limited, however, AcidSearch is just what youire looking for. This Safari plug-in lets you take advantage of other Internet search sites, focus your searches to a specific site, and build and organize your own searches.

I have found that in many cases, Google does a better job of finding information on a Web site than the pageis own search tool. Hereis how I use AcidSearch to look for content on the TMO site:

  • Make sure your active window or tab in Safari is at the TMO site.
  • Choose Google This Site from Safariis Google search menu.
  • Enter the subject you want to search for in the Google search field.
  • Press the Return key.

For example, searching for "France DRM" on the TMO site returns this list.

Google search the Internet, or just a specific site with AcidSearch.

You can also re-perform recent searches simply by selecting your search from Recent Searches.

Remember when Sherlock was useful and let you focus your Web searches to specific sites? Thatis what AcidSearch does for me now.

AcidSearch is free, and available for download at the pozytron Web site.

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