Super Control iChat AV Status With Status Symbol

Apple is an amazing company; the company took a service like AOLis Instant Messenger, which was just OK for Mac users, and made it so cool that Windows users will look over your shoulders with envy. The result, iChat AV, is the talk of the town, so to speak, so it is only natural that someone would develop something to enhance your iChat experience even further. That someone is If Then Software, and that something is Status Symbol.

What is Status Symbol? It is best to let the creators of the application explain:

Status Symbol (SS) is a utility that will allow you to broadcast your current status in iChat. Unlike other utilities out there, SS has everything you need built in! Broadcast the weather, fortunes, stock information, work status, eating status, custom messages (which are remembered for you on quit), iTunes information, system information and even who you are chatting with in iChat at the moment! SS is pure AppleScript, so it doesnit "tap in" or "hook into" any system resources to do itis job.

Status Symbol is easy to install, fun to use, and is released as donationware. You can find download links for the product at the If Then Software Web site.