Super DesktopGB Bus Powered Drives Shipping From WiebeTech

WiebeTech is now shipping the Super DesktopGB for Mac users. The Super DesktopGB is a bus powered Firewire hard drive that features up to 120 GB storage spaces. The drive features cross-platform support and data transfer rates over 30MB/sec running at 7200RPM. According to WiebeTech

This week WiebeTech commenced shipping the Super DesktopGB, the worldis first bus-powered desktop drive.

Super DesktopGB offers a 3.5-inch FireWire / USB2 enclosure with capacities up to 120GB. The FireWire bus powering is enabled by use of WiebeTechis proprietary PowerBridgeTM technology.

Super DesktopGB provides single cable convenience for many users, eliminating the need for a wall transformer. It also provides superb performance, utilizing an Oxford OXFW911 bridge in conjunction with highest performance 7200RPM drives, with measured transfer rates greater than 30MB/sec.

The drive is bundled with MediaFouris award winning MacDrive 5 software, which allows Super DesktopGB to mount on Windows computers when the drive is formatted as a Mac volume. This gives multimedia professionals the ability to seamlessly carry large volumes from platform to platform. As a result, problems associated with file size limitations and cross platform file corruption are eliminated.

You can find more information about the Super DesktopGB at the WiebeTech Web site. The Super DesktopGB drives start at US$219.95 for 40GB sizes.