Support This! New Utility Allows OS X To Be Installed On Unsupported Machines

One of the largest complaints about Mac OS X is that the hardware requirements to run it are rather steep. Falling squarely in the "Try At Your Own Risk" category, Other World Computing is now carrying Ryan Rempel?s utility for installing OS X on "unsupported" machines, Unsupported Utility X. The new utility allows users to install OS X on pre-G3 machines. No word on performance or stability, this utility helps get users past the first step. According to Other World Computing:

Other World Computing, a leading online retailer of Apple Macintosh upgrade and expansion produces, announces the availability of free software allowing Apple OS X to operated on unsupported machines.

Appleis OS X operating system is heralds a new era, but Apple is only supporting this OS on models that shipped standard with a G3 or G4 processor. With millions of pre-G3 Apple computers in use, it could only be expected that an OS X solution for them would be created.

Available as a free download, Ryan Rempelis "Unsupported Utility X" software allows OS X to install on Legacy Mac models with only 3 clicks more than it takes on a system Apple supports! From Ryan Remple "The unsupported machines that work now are the 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500 and 9600, as well the clones that were based on one of these systems (the Umax S900 and J700, and the Power Computing PowerWave and PowerTowerPro). Other models that use the PCI architecture may be made to work in time. (Models based on the Nubus architecture are less likely to ever work with Mac OS X)."

"OS X is the future and itis great to have a solution for the users Apple isnit supporting" said Lawrence R. OiConnor, President and CEO of Other World Computing. "Many people have made a significant investment in their computers and itis to bring them an OS X solution."

Unsupported Utility X is available for free. You can find download links and more information at the Other World Computing Web site.