Supreme Court Keeps Virtual Game Station On The Market

The Register is reporting that the United States Supreme Court has ruled, or decided not to rule, in the Sony/Connectix Virtual Game Station case. The decision will allows Connectix to continue to sell their wildly popular Sony Playstation emulator, Virtual Game Station. While not eliminating the possibility that this case may yet be ruled upon again by a District Court, our guess is that VGS will be on many a Mac useris holiday list.

Since releasing the application for Macintosh two years ago, Connectix has since released a Windows version of the product. While Sony has been crying foul since day one. According to The Register:

Then the case went to court proper, and Federal Judge Charles Legge, who had granted the original preliminary injunction, threw out seven of Sonyis nine allegations. He said that Sony could pursue its claims that Connectix was engaging in unfair competition, and had violated Sony trade secrets in VGSi development.

The Supreme Courtis decision was one of indifference, rather than action. The United Stateis highest court simply refused to rule on the matter, leaving Sony and their lawyers scrambling to find a lower court to hear their case.

For now, however, a recently updated Virtual Game Station is available. You can find the full story at The Register web site.