Survey Says: Apple Is Cool!

Itis back to school time again, and the coolest dudes and dudettes have raided local malls for items that they believe are, and think identifies them as being, cool. Of the top 5 brand names considered to offer commercial coolness by the trendy elite, Apple is high among them, according to an article in Wired News. From the article Cool Huntersi Like Appleis Shine:

During the summer, Apple became one of the coolest companies in America. At least thatis what youth marketing experts who follow the tastes of teenagers say. Thanks to the iPod, the iTunes Music Store and the PowerMac G5, Apple is one of the hottest companies in youth culture, say so-called "cool hunters," researchers who track buying trends among young people.

"Apple comes up consistently in our research," said DeeDee Gordon, co-president of Look-Look , a youth marketing and research firm in Los Angeles. "Apple is one of the top five brands for young people."

To conduct its research, Look-Look queries a worldwide network of 20,000 Net-connected correspondents aged 13 to 35 years old. Asked recently what company they would most like to endorse (if they were a celebrity), the correspondents nominated Apple the most popular choice, followed by Coca-Cola, Leviis and Nike.

Look-Look also asked its network about "cool new gadgets." Picture-taking cell phones topped the list, followed by the iPod and Sonyis PlayStation. But when it came to "extremely well-designed products," Appleis iMac and iPod were voted No. 1.

This fall, the iPod is the No. 2 "must have" item for the back-to-school season, right after new shoes, according to Look-Lookis August youth culture newsletter. A new computer or laptop comes third on the list, specifically an iMac or PowerMac G5. According to Gordon, the only other companies mentioned by young people as much as Apple are Nike, Target, VW and Sony.

Check out the full article at Wired News.