Survey Says Casual Gamers Aren't So Casual

So-called "casual gamers," who are presumed to be attracted to simpler games that they play less frequently than their hardcore counterparts, actually play games quite often, according to the results of a survey reported by MacCentralis Peter Cohen. The survey was published by Macrovision, which owns the Trymedia casual game network.

Macrovision surveyed 789 gamers and found that 37% of them engage in nine or more weekly play sessions, which were defined as lasting at least an hour by two-thirds of those polled and more than two hours by 31% of them. That went against the commonly held belief that casual gamers play in short sessions, as did the revelation that 73% of the respondents play at night, instead of during the day.

However, the survey did reinforce the assumption that most casual gamers are women, finding that 71% of the respondents were female. Thirty-seven percent of the respondents are in the 35-to-49-years-old demographic, while 28% of them are older than that. Fifty-eight percent donit have children under the age of 18.

Puzzle games topped the list of genres that casual gamers prefer, followed by card, strategy, and action titles.

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