Survey Shows Blu-Ray Discs Preferred Over HD-DVD Media

A survey commissioned by the Blu-Ray Association and conducted by Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates showed that 58% of 1,200 consumers preferred Blu-Ray media, while 16% liked HD-DVD and 26% were undecided. When looking only at respondents who are extremely interested in purchasing one of the next-generation DVD formats, 66% preferred Blu-Ray while 15% went for HD-DVD and 19% were undecided.

Consumers were given a comparison of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD in terms of support from technology companies, Hollywood studios and the makers of upcoming videogame consoles as well as disc capacity, possible movie title availability and expected launch dates. The two formats are in intense competition to become the next-generation DVD format for movies and other media delivery as well as data storage.

Apple has expressed its support of Blu-Ray and is on the Board of Directors guiding the future of the format. Other backers include Disney, Sony, Hitachi, Sharp, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Pioneer, Philips, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Dell and HP. Sonyis upcoming PlayStation 3 will use Blu-Ray media while Microsoftis Xbox 360 will use HD-DVD; Nintendo is undecided about the media its next-generation console will use. Single-layer Blu-Ray discs will be able to hold 25GB of data while the double-layer version will be able to store twice that amount.

In contrast, HD-DVD media will be able to hold 15GB per layer, although the format as the backing of more Hollywood studios, including Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, HBO and New Line Cinema. However, the hardware manufacturers in its corner only consist of Toshiba, NEC and Sanyo. Backers of that format prefer it because existing disc manufacturing lines will only require a slight modification to produce runs of HD-DVD movies, games and other content while facilities will need more extensive changes to duplicate Blu-Ray discs.