Sweep Up After Internet Use With iClean

Aladdin Systems has updated their Internet "cleaning" utility, iClean, to version 4.0. iClean helps users optimize their system by deleting unnecessary files, while also maintaining security by cleaning Cookie, cache, and browser history files. According to Aladdin Systems:

Aladdin Systems today shipped iClean(tm) 4.0 which adds Cookie Editor to its arsenal of Internet clean up tools. iClean 4.0 now allows users to selectively edit their Web cookies for improved Web surfing. iClean is also included in Spring Cleaning 4.0, the number one cleaning solution for the Macintosh, released earlier this month.

iClean sweeps away Web surfing tracks by cleaning out Web cache files, Internet histories, and cookies. iClean gives users a detailed summary of items that can be deleted and how much disk space can be recovered. Conveniently located on the desktop, iClean makes regular maintenance fast and easy - just click to clean Internet clutter.

"With concerns over Internet privacy, iClean provides relief for avid Internet surfers who want to ensure their tracks are quickly removed," said Pauline Shumake, iClean product manager.

Cookie Editor New Feature:
Cookie Editor is designed to help a user decide which Internet cookies to keep and which to eliminate. The editor provides the user with useful information about their cookies, such as their location, expiration date, and security information for each cookie, helping users optimize their Web experience.

iClean is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Aladdin Web site.