Sweet Pea Releases USB Deck Control Cables For Mac

Sweet Pea Communications is shipping the VTR Link-Mac cable for Macintosh users. The VTR Link-Mac provides the control of a professional VTR deck via USB serial ports. The cables support RS-422 deck control applications and the Sony BVW-22 Betacam deck. According to Sweet Pea Communications:

VTR Control Cables for PC and Macintosh:

  • PC to VTR: converts comm port from RS-232 to RS-422, for connection to a professional VTR or TAO Lport/PanPort unit
  • Macintosh to VTR: This cable connects the Mac serial port to a professional VTR.   To add two serial ports to a USB Mac, use Keyspan Twin Serial Adapter, available from most mail order houses
  • Connect the cable to your computeris serial port and to your VTR remote control port (or TAO Lport/PanPort interface)
  • Works with any PC or Mac based editing software that supports RS-422 deck control (for Premiere TAOis DeckPro422™ software plug-in is required). Also compatible with VTR-Port422 for control of the Sony BVW-22 Betacam-SP deck

You can find more information about the VTR Link-Mac at the Sweet Pea Communications Web site. The VTR Link-Mac cable is available for US$49.00.