'Switch' Cartoon Tributes

If youire a fan of the Apple Switch commercials, youill be amused by these two short tributes to the new campaign. Made in Flash by William Levin, you can catch them at his Mac site macboy.com. The Big Brother figure from the 1984 advertisement speaks about the first anniversary of his Macintosh purchase and how he shall prevail!!!, while everyoneis favorite Redmond personality speaks out about Windows, the MacOS, and crashing stock markets.

macboy.com Screenshot - Bill Gates
"I mean, I even had to drop out of college because of Microsoft."

And the Mac humor doesnit stop there - macboy.com is also home to the cartoons Zap The PRAM And Other Placebos, Stories For Robots, and a pick-the-caption contest, MacLib. Sifting through the back catalog and thinking of amusing captions should provide you with a few hoursi worth of quality procrastination. TGIF.

Thanks to TMO Forums member hoytt for the heads-up!