Switch Spoof Has Anakin Skywalker Pitching The Dark Side's Benefits

A wonderful Switch Ad parody has been posted that has Anakin Skywalker, the iteration from Episode II, making the pitch on why he switched to The Dark Side. In this case, itis the real "Dark Side," as opposed to what many Mac and PC users use to refer to the Wintel aspect of the computing world. "The whole "Jedi" thing just wasnit compatible with my lifestyle," explains the Flash animated Anakin. "My master was jealous, he was always holding me back." He also goes on to explain his "boss" new powers, and closes with "My name is Anakin Skywalker, and I am a Sith Lord."

Anakin touts the wonders of being able to "choke people over the phone."

The voice over is very good, the ad really captures the style of the Switch Ads. We should point out that the end of the ad shows the URL www.thedarkside.com/switch, but that we were unable to pull up the site. The movie is being hosted at Newgrounds.com, and is being attributed to an author named Catatonic. Thanks to Observer Ahnyer Keester for the heads up on this.