Switcher Columnist Posts Ode to Mac Simplicity

Mike Thomas is a columnist with the Orlando Sentinel who has Switched. In the process of Switching, he has discovered what he thinks makes Appleis Macintosh such a great computer and the iPod such a huge success, simplicity. In a ode to simplicity called "Geeks aside, Apple is gospel of simplicity," Mr. Thomas not only urges people to Switch to Appleis simplicity, he also touched on such issues as the fear of simplicity that many in the IT-field have when it comes to Apple.

" I bought an Apple," he wrote. "iWimp,i said a computer geek at work. I sensed the fear. You see, he makes his living from the Microsoft Industrial Complex."

According to Mr. Thomas, the level of complexity present in the world of Windows has resulted in a near-sub class of workers, geeks as he puts it, who must act as intermediaries for other folks to commune with their PCs, and that this sub class has grown in both size and importance.

"The entire national economy, in fact, depends on the incompetence of Microsoft," wrote Mr. Thomas. "If everyone switched to Apple, the unemployment rate would skyrocket and we would fall into a depression. The government would be forced to give away Microsoft-based computers to stimulate the economy."

The counter to all this, however, is simplicity, which Mr. Thomas hopes to spread. Like many Mac switchers and devotees before him, Mr. Thomas wants other folks to enjoy a computer that just works.

"Iim not spending any more of my life yelling in frustration at inanimate objects," he said.

Many of Mr. Thomasis themes and ideas have been touched on in the Mac Web and elsewhere for many years. His column, however, reaches a mainstream newspaper audience at a time when Appleis momentum is only growing. His lack of spite and interesting delivery of the ideas expressed could find a receptive audience.

You can read the full article, which is at least partially tongue-in-cheek, at the Orlando Sentinelis Web site (free subscription required).