Switcher Story: From PC To Mac, Back To PC, & Back To Mac (Again)

We love PC to Mac Switcher success stories, and we found a great one we think you will enjoy. In fact, we like it so much, we wish we had published it. The story was penned by Stuart MacKenzie, and published at OSNews.com under the name "My Apple Switch - One Switcher, Two Times."

In his piece, Mr. MacKenzie explains how he made the Switch a couple of years ago with a first generation TiBook and Mac OS X 10.0, but was so unhappy he sold his new Mac rather quickly. He then goes into how and why he was gradually drawn back to the platform, and the reasons why he eventually made the Switch, again. From the article:

This is what my brain and I talked about. I knew I was infatuated with the Apple machines but I wanted to make sure I didnit own a $2,000.00 piece of art to sit on my desk. The first thing I decided was, I was not buying this machine to replace any of my current machines. Its purpose would strictly be another learning toy to introduce me to the world of Macs and OS X. Second, I absolutely love music. I have a collection of over 700 CDs. Using iTunes and the Apple music store, this would become my machine on which I would rip, organize, and maintain my music collection, as well as keep my iPod in sync with my mobile music life. I also consider myself a very amateur film maker with dreams of becoming a film director later in life. I would use this new machine to interface with my firewire digital Sony camcorder and fool around with iMovie and iDVD. Next, when my wife and I found out she was pregnant the first time, we made the decision to go 100% digital with all of our photographs, so we bought the Canon S110 (I highly recommend any Cannon digital camera). Our digital photo collection kicked off with over 300 pictures of our first son within his first week of birth. With our second childis arrival 20 months later the collection has grown very large an almost unmanageable. I decided I would use iPhoto to catalogue and manage all of our digital photos.

The full article is very well written, and we found it to be a very, very good read.