SyBrowser Database Query Tool Updated

MacSOS has updated SyBrowser, the companyis Mac database query tool. The new version, 6.6, includes new features and other improvements.

SyBrowser is a Mac utility can query Sybase, FrontBase, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ODBC and MS SQL databases hosted on OSX, UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

New features included in the update:

  • Added a pie graph showing data distribution, with percentages, for Sybase databases.
  • Improved UTF-8 support.
  • OpenBase connections now possible under Win32.
  • FrontBase connections now possible under Win32.
  • Undo now works again on the SQL editifield.
  • Spotlight search text field now labelled "Search".
  • SQL queries that donit return an error and donit return rows are not flagged as errors.

The upgrade is US$49, and the full version is priced at $89. You can find more information on the tool at the MacSOS Web site.