Symantec And Earthlink Team To Secure Users' Systems

Earthlink and Symantec have teamed to provide Earthlink members with a copy of Symantecis security scan software, Security Check. Security Check scans usersi systems for potential security risks and holes, and offers useris feedback for addressing such problems. According to Earthlink:

Symantec Corp. today announced that EarthLink, the nationis second largest ISP,will make available the newest version of Symantec Security Check, which nowsupports both PCs and Macintosh systems, to Macintosh users who accessEarthLinkis Web site. Symantec Security Check analyzesa Macintosh useris computer for potential security risks and recommends waysto secure those risks.

"Security has become one of the Internetis most pressing issues, and we feelthat we owe it to our subscribers to give them as much peace of mind as wepossibly can," said Jon Irwin, executive vice president of member experienceat EarthLink. "By using Symantecis valuable tools to analyze their systemand identify possible weaknesses, EarthLink subscribers will be able to havethe safe, secure Internet experience they deserve."

The latest version of Symantec Security Check helps ensure that Macintoshusers enjoy a safe and productive Internet experience by analyzing the levelof protection on their systems and identifying potential risks. SymantecSecurity Check determines whether the system is susceptible to hackers byscanning for open TCP ports.

Symantec Security Check is featured under the Internet Tools section on theEarthLink Web site as well as on subscribersi Personal Start PageSM. Usersare directed to a co-branded homepage where they can use Symantec SecurityCheck to scan their systems. If problems are discovered, users have theoption of purchasing Symantecis Norton Internet Security and Norton PersonalFirewall products for their Macintosh system.

You can find more information about System Check at Symantecis web site, and about Earthlink at their web site.