Symantec: Mac OS X is Virus Free

Symantecis Todd Woodward says that there are no viruses for Mac OS X, and that news reports from earlier this year claiming the first Mac OS X viruses had been found were inaccurate. He says "Simply put, at the time of writing this article, there are no file-infecting viruses that can infect Mac OS X."

Many news outlets erroneously claimed that the infamous OSX.Leap.A was a virus when it was actually a worm.

Mr. Woodward goes on to say that although the Mac is virus free today, that doesnit mean it will always be that way. Itis a good idea, he says, to take measures to protect your computer from potential security threats.

Even if you choose not to install and use virus protection software, you can still add an extra layer of protection to your Mac by enabling itis built-in firewall. Check this Quick Tip from earlier this year to learn how.