Symantec Ups Mac Security Offerings: Privacy Controls, Windows Virus Protection For Mac

Symantec has announced Norton Internet Security 3.0 (NIS 3.0) for Macintosh, a major upgrade in the companyis Mac security offering. NIS 3.0 is comprised of Norton Personal Firewall 3.0, Norton AntiVirus 9.0 (NAV 9.0), and new software Symantec is calling Norton Privacy Control (NPC).

NAV 9.0 incorporates a new feature to Mac anti-virus software, that of Windows anti-virus protection. NAV 9.0 will remove Windows viruses from Mac files. While Windows viruses are largely harmless on a Mac (the exception being Word Macro viruses that can be cross-platform), they can be spread by Mac users to Windows machines. Symantecis new feature is aimed particularly at corporate and other large mixed-platform networks.

NPC offers parents control over accessible Web sites for their kids. The software allows parents to use their own list of prohibited Web sites, or to use a Symantec maintained list. NPC also has features the company says allow users to control sensitive data. From Symantec:

Symantec today announced Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh. ?The latest version of the market-leading software suite, which is scheduled to be widely available in June, will now include a new parental control feature that blocks Web sites that are inappropriate for viewing by children. ?Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh will also include the newest version of Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh, which now will have the ability to find and repair Windows/PC-compatible viruses, offering users protection from the most common type of viruses and helping them to avoid infecting friends and colleagues.

Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh will include:

  • Norton Privacy Control, which offers new Parental Controls to prevent undesired access to inappropriate Web content, and includes enhanced ad blocking capabilities for hassle-free Web surfing
  • Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh, which now scans and disinfects both PC and Mac viruses for added protection
  • Norton Personal Firewall 3.0 for Macintosh, which maximizes security by blocking both inbound and outbound Web traffic, and features a new set-up assistant designed for easy installation and set-up
  • iClean by Aladdin Systems, for quick removal of cookies, cache and history files to further protect usersi privacy

Expanded Privacy Control
Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh includes Norton Privacy Control, providing Internet users with important tools to protect their personal information and to improve their Web surfing experiences. ?With the addition of new Parental Controls, Mac users will be able to limit access to illicit Web sites when their kids go online. ?Parents can either create their own list of inappropriate sites to block, or they can download a URL list produced and maintained by Symantec. ?This URL list will be updated regularly to keep up with the latest questionable Web content, and will automatically provided to Norton Internet Security users via Symantecis LiveUpdate technology.

Norton Privacy Control also offers users new advanced ad blocking capabilities, which now will prevent more types of Web-based advertising delivery, including JavaScript, allowing Mac users to access the Internet with less hassle from the constant intrusion of unwanted banner ads and pop-up windows. ?Additionally Norton Privacy Control has enhanced confidential data blocking to help users avoid unknowingly or accidentally sending out sensitive information online, including via Instant Messenger programs.

Complete Protection from All Types of Viruses
Adding the ability to scan and disinfect PC viruses, Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh will now protect users from passing along the most common types of computer viruses, as well as worms and Trojans. ?In addition to protecting users from Mac-specific threats, the latest version of Norton AntiVirus for Mac will also prevent Mac users from inadvertently being carriers of Windows-based threats and proliferating malicious attacks. ?PC virus, worm and Trojan protection also will enable multi-platform users to utilize one solution to protect all their operating systems from the threat of attack. ?

New functionality in Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh will also include the ability to quarantine "unrepairable" virus-infected files, and allow users to scan and repair compressed Mac files. ?Symantec has also enhanced LiveUpdate, helping users to dramatically reduce the time it takes to download new virus definitions. ?

Firewall Protection Made Easy
Norton Personal Firewall 3.0 for Macintosh will help keep Mac usersi data safe and secure by providing a protective layer between their computers and the growing number of hackers and intruders that lurk online. ?With the latest version, Symantec adds a new Set-up Assistant to ensure easy installation and configuration. ?It will also help users by detecting services, such as file-sharing, when they are activated to prevent potential conflicts. ?Additionally, it will provide a higher level of security by blocking both inbound and outbound connections, and also allows users to identify and trace potential hacking attempts in real time with the new Visual Tracking feature.

Norton Internet Security 3.0 is priced at US$99.95, and is compatible with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. The company is offering a rebate to owners of "Symantecis Macintosh products, as well as users of select competitive products." Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh and Norton Personal Firewall 3.0 are also available as standalone apps for US$69.95.

Symantec says that the products will be on store shelves in June. The company has not yet updated the NIS for Mac Web page with information on the new version.