SynXpert 1.6 Shipping With Step Element Enhancements

Blue Banshee Software has released an update for SynXpert, bringing it to version 1.6. SynXpert is a utility designed for workflow analysis and flowcharting. The update features expanded step element association and other enhancements. According to Blue Banshee Software:

SynXpert 1.6 was released today bringing more features and increased stability to this tool that helps make organizations more efficient, productive and effective... and profitable... by helping eliminate wasted effort from their operations.

SynXpert brings together diverse elements of a process improvement or workflow analysis project in a comprehensive, easy-to-use fashion. The process map in SynXpert is sophisticated representation of the process that understands how the elements of the process relate and impact each other.

New with SynXpert 1.6:

  • Find and go to the step associated with any step element: resource, action, object, or input type. Sequential finds go to the next step using that element
  • Rename any element and the new name will be used whereever the old one had been
  • Replace any element type with another of the same type throughout the map in one step
  • Enter the process times for each step in the map through a handy table layout
  • Assign properties to objects
  • Specify the state of an object before and after any step acting upon that object. States need not be specified for each step, nor property values set for each state
  • Print multiple reports at one time

You can find more information about the SynXpert update at the Blue Banshee Software Web site. SynXert upgrades are available for US$299.00, while the full version is available for US$499.00.