Synergy Updated With Panther Mods And More

Wincent Colaiuta has released an update for Synergy, bringing it to version 1.0a2. Synergy is an iTunes utility designed for expanding the graphical display of the standard iTunes feature set. The update features several Panther enhancements and bug fixes. According to Wincent Colaiuta:

Wincent Colaiuta is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Synergy version 1.0a2.

Synergy, the lightweight iTunes control interface, today reaches version 0.9.7 and brings many new features, including the ability to automatically download and display the album cover of iTunesis currently playing song.

The main changes in this release include:

  • This release temporarily disables automatic album cover downloading, while issues with Amazon are being negotiated/resolved
  • Recompiled on Panther using XCode 1.1; this release is qualified for using on Mac OS X 10.2 or Mac OS X 10.3
  • Amended Website and other text to reflect the inclusion of a brand new button set by Drew Pauley, "Synerama", that was introduced in Synergy 1.0a but accidentally omitted from the release notes
  • Added Felix Kühne to the "About" window in the installer, the Synergy Preferences "About" tab, and the website to acknowledge his contribution of the German localization for the Synergy Installer
  • Bumped buttons in "Unremarkable" button set upwards by one pixel
  • New button set, "Spacesaver", contibuted by Puppy Duke RIP
  • The option to select a random button style on startup was only selecting from a subset of possible button styles
  • No longer display feedback bezel if there is an error trying to change the shuffle or repeat mode of iTunes using hotkeys (for example, as occurs when this operation is attempted and iTunes has no current selection, such as immediately after launching iTunes but before starting playback)
  • and much more...

You can find more information about the Synergy update at the Synergy Home Page. Synergy is available for US$5.00.