SysQuake 2 Available From Calerga

Calerga has announced release of SysQuake 2 and SysQuake 2 LE. SysQuake is a scientific computation app designed for use by the scientific community for visualization and interactive graphics. The new version has several new features and is optimized for use on OS X. According to Calerga

Calerga announces today the immediate release of SysQuake 2 and SysQuake 2 LE for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows.

SysQuake 2 is the latest version of the application which helps understanding mathematics, physics and engineering and enables the rapid design of high-performance technical systems. SysQuake 2 LE, the free version which shares many of the capabilities of SysQuake 2, can be downloaded now from the site of Calerga.

SysQuake is a ground-breaking application for understanding and designing complex systems by the use of interactive graphics. Interactivity lets the user manipulate graphics, observe how phenomena are related, and change parameters to improve the design of a technical device.

You can find more information about the SysQuake 2 release at the Calerga Web site. SysQuake 2 LE is a limited demo version and available freeware, and the full version of SysQuake 2 is available for US$1,562.50.