SysQuake Comes To OS X

Calerga has released their scientific application, SysQuake 2 LE, for Mac OS X. SysQuake LE is the free version of the power graphics manipulation tool. SysQuake allows users to examine the behavior of graphical controllers by providing near real-time feedback for changes made. According to Calerga:

SysQuake is innovative, powerful and flexible software for the design and simulation of dynamic systems. What makes it special is its unparalleled interactivity which will boost your productivity.

Calerga is proud to announce the immediate release of SysQuake 2 LE beta for Mac OS X. SysQuake is a ground-breaking scientific application for understanding and designing complex systems by the use of interactive graphics. SysQuake 2 adds libraries of functions, an easier programming model for simple problems, multiple documents, a built-in text editor, plus many other enhancements. SysQuake 2 LE is the free edition.

SysQuake LE is available for free. You can find more information, including a wonderful animated demonstration on what this unique software is capable of, at the Calerga Web site.