Sysquake Scientific Software Updated to Version 3

Calerga has announced a new version of Sysquake, bringing the scientific application to version 3. Sysquake is a mathematical program intended to help scientists "understand and solve complicated problems in mathematics, physics and engineering."

The new version includes enhanced support for MySQL, SQLite, TCPiIP, and for audio input and output. The company has also enhanced its extensions interface, which allows developers to add functionality to the software. In addition, Sysquake 3 sports a new interface.

Calerga has also released Sysquake Application Builder, a set of tools that allows developers to develop royalty-free standalone applications from Sysquake.

Visit Calergais Web site for more information on Sysquake, including the different versions of the software that are available. The update is available to registered owners of version 2 for a 30% discount. Pricing for the full version starts at CHF 2,500 (US1$ = about CHF1.35 at this time).