System Security Application Updated

VSE has updated their system security application, VSE My Privacy, to version 1.2. VSE My Privacy allows users to block out unwanted users from their computer system, as well as providing users the option of storing confidential documents with military strength encryption. According to VSE:

The popular data security tool and password manager VSE My Privacy is now available in an improved version 1.2.

VSE My Privacy is a data security software that allows Mac users to store and organize their confidential data in a safe place. It uses a military strength 448-bit encryption algorithm to encrypt the data. The so-called "BlowFish" algorithm has never been broken.

VSE My Privacy is a product of a German company. That means that US export restrictions on cryptography do not apply.

The German government does not require that software developers make any kind of back doors or use key recovery escrow. For that reason, VSE My Privacy can use an absolute bullet-proof encryption algorithm.

The new version expands the range of useful features by a "Fast Copy" button that automatically recognizes passwords in VSE My Privacy entries and copies them to the clipboard with a single mouse click.

An automatic save feature has been added to improve the overall level of security of VSE My Privacy. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

VSE My Privacy is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the VSE web site.