System Shootouts Updates with New iMacs, More

Charles Gaba updated his Mac vs. PC System Shootouts Friday. The System Shootouts compare Macintosh systems from Apple to comparably priced systems from Wintel vendors, usually Dell. The point of the comparison is to offer a feature-by-feature look at what you get for your money for those contemplating a new computer. Fridayis updates:

  • Updated: $1,300 Desktop Shootout (Apple 17" iMac vs. Dell XPS 200)
  • pdated: $1,700 Desktop Shootout (Apple 20" iMac vs. Dell XPS 200)
  • Updated: Apple Desktop Lineup (including printable PDF version)
  • NEW: Apple Macintosh Quarterly Sales & Global Market Share charts
  • NEW: iPod Quarterly Sales & Total Sales charts
  • NEW: iTunes Music Store Average Daily Sales & Total Sales charts

You can find all of the new and past updates at the System Shootout Web site.