T-Squared Shipping New iMovie Video Clip Cataloging App

T-Squared Software has released a new app for Mac users, FootTrack 1.0. FootTrack is a utility designed for the cataloging and compression of video footage. The app features support for iMovie and can compress a 12.5 GB clip into 180MB. According to T-Squared Software:

T-Squared Software today released FootTrack, an application that will stop you from ever having to ask iNow where is that video footage of [insert your child/pet/significant other] where they [insert funny or memorable moment]?i

Once you catalog all your video tape footage with our application, any clip on any tape is just a search away. With itis easy to use interface youill wonder how you ever got along without FootTrack.

FootTrack works equally well if you have the space to keep all your DV footage on your hard drive, or you want to compress it and keep all your tape footage close at hand . A 60 minute tape of digital video takes up approximately 12.5GB of disk. When compressed in FootTrack it takes approximately 180MB including images for each clip.

Home iMovie users will find FootTrack especially helpful when putting together a potential movie since searching through your footage and finding what you want is so easy.

You can find more information about the FootTrack release at the product home page. FootTrack is available for US$29.95..