TLC's Plastic Planet Could Be Called Planet Of The Macs

We received a couple of notes about a show on TLC called Plastic Planet. Observer Alex Allee writes in some of the details from the show, which he says was "full of Macs." From Observer Alex:

Donit know if anyone mentioned this already, but this past Sunday (I think) I watched a show on The Learning Channel (TLC) called Planet Plastic. It was full of Macs of varying vintages. The only non-Mac I noticed was what looked like an old IBM RS/6000 type computer, the ones with PowerPCs in em. Close enough! :)

Hereis what I can remember seeing:

  • a 128/512/Plus machine
  • a Classic/Classic II
  • an old 14 or 15" Apple display
  • about six different flavors of iMacs
  • a G4 tower (non-Quicksilver)
  • a G4 Cube
  • maybe a clamshell iBook
  • and in the background, I think I spotted a 7500 type case (it was behind the RS/6000).

- Alex Allee

Good eyes, Alex! Observer Ed M. also wrote in about Plastic Planet, and he directed us to a schedule of listings at TLC for upcoming appearances of the show.

Thanks to both Alex and Ed for letting us know about this show. It definitely sounds like it was a nice showcase for Macs.

If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.