TMO Adds New Company Member, Moves Up In Club Standings

We are happy to announce that we have added 11 new members, including a new company member, to our SETI@home team, Team Mac Observer. That brings us to 782 members, and more importantly, it bumps the Team up to 380,484 work units with a total CPU time of 667.468 years. Counting the work units our new members brought to the table, it appears as if Team Mac Observer will be moving up at least 2-3 spots in the Club Team standings. The official Club Team Stats page has not yet been updated to reflect this, but a spot check of the individual clubs ahead of us shows that we have definitely moved higher. Thanks to all of the new members!

Our newest company member is a company called ZigTagZ. ZigTagZ offers event memorabilia for corporate types, and we are pleased as punch that they have joined. From ZigTagZ:

Here are out first two SETI accounts. Weill be throwing a client on all our machines and our web servers.

That sounds great! It also reminds us to remind you that if you would like your company logo on the Team Mac Observer home page, you simply need to add two computers, or more, to our Team. They can be on the same account, and we recommend this so that your company name will be higher on the Team stats, and therefore seen more often.

So how can you add your support to the Mac and Team Mac Observer? Join up! Itis easy and all it costs is your excess CPU time. If you are a company that joins up, weill put your logo on the Team Mac Observer home page! We track the Top 20 Most Completed Units as well as the Top 20 Fastest Members on the Team Home Page as well.

Our friends at Low End Mac have joined forces with us, and they even have a special sub-team of 6100 owners. Applelinks is also a part of our team, and you should be too. Itis fun, itis part of a great scientific experiment, and it really shows off the power of the Mac!

Check out our SETI@home forum for performance tips, configuration help, and other SETI@home discussion.